Benefits of Sourcing American Made Materials

At Roller Die + Forming, we believe that consistency and quality are requirements for our products and services. We know how important it is to be sure that our customers have access to quality products when they need them. It is equally important that we source the materials that make your products from reliable sources […]


Reusable Packaging Keeps Costs Steady

Roller Die creates parts for many industries, from solar to material handling, from conveyors to trucks. Many of our clients take advantage of manufacturing practices such as just-in-time delivery, having only the parts they need for the week or even the day show up at their plant while we adjust our output based on their […]


Roll Forming Custom Parts

When we go to trade shows or have a chance to show potential customers our samples, there are a few pieces that always get a second look. These pieces really highlight the creative extent of what you can do with roll forming. Whether it’s a complicated profile, tight tolerances on close bends, or a creative […]


Supplier Ranks Roller Die 98.4/100 During Recent Evaluation

Many Roller Die + Forming customers have evaluation programs designed to ensure their suppliers are meeting their needs in a variety of areas. Recently, a solar company Roller Die works with to provide racking conducted a supplier evaluation and gave us an A status. They ranked us on a variety of factors and we excelled […]


Roller Die Team Has Experience at All levels

From senior management down to the workers on the roll forming lines, the Roller Die + Forming team has tremendous experience in manufacturing and specifically with roll forming. That experience provides a wide range of benefits to our customers. Our sales team truly understands roll forming and can provide value from the first time they […]

Workshop on production of handling removable devices. Warehouse component materials.

The Advantages of Reusable Packaging

Many of our customers place large orders for the parts they believe they will need for the quarter, but then receive those parts weekly on a just-in-time delivery basis. This helps them keep the inventory of parts low while knowing that the parts will continue to come on time. Just-in-time delivery is also great for […]


Just-in-time Inventory Management

Having enough parts on hand to deliver each week is important, but most manufacturing companies do not want to be responsible for significant inventory. Managing and storing that inventory, transporting it from a warehouse to the plant floor, and paying attention to supply are all costs that can quickly add up. Instead, many manufacturing companies […]


Tracking the Prices of Raw Material

More and more, the price of raw materials is driving the discussion over roll formed product pricing. For the purchasing team at Roller Die + Forming, the key is knowing well in advance how much material will be required and when it is needed. That gives us time to pay attention to the market and […]


Roll Forming is a Low Waste Manufacturing Process

Waste in manufacturing is a big topic, especially when evaluating your supply chain to ensure sustainable operations. Roll forming is a surprisingly low-waste process and our team is always looking for further ways to improve our process and reduce unnecessary costs. By its nature, roll forming uses the majority of the raw material purchased, with […]


Roller Die Team has Deep Experience

Roll forming, as the engineers often say, is as much an art as a science. Knowing just how much to bend a part so that when it is through, it is exactly the shape required. Not only does our engineering team have extensive experience designing for roll forming, the rest of our staff does as […]


Roller Die + Forming

  Roller Die + Forming has been in business for over 85 years delivering high quality roll formed parts to our customers. We have 5 manufacturing plants located in Louisville and Frankfurt, Kentucky, Rossville, Georgia, Green Cove Springs, Florida, and Queretaro, Mexico. Our top priority is to produce custom roll-formed products that exceed our customer’s […]

Operation of press brake hydraulic bending machine with forming die by skill operator. The sheet metal manufacturing process by bending machine with technician operator.

Secondary Operations, from Press Brake to Powder Coat

Roller Die offers a number of secondary services to help our customers receive the exact custom metal part for their process. While metal roll forming is our main service, we can do additional operations in-line, keeping costs low. From pre-punch to cut-off, our roll lines are equipped with the equipment to create a profile that […]