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Roll Forming Parts for Industrial Carts

Roll forming is a highly efficient and versatile manufacturing process that finds extensive applications in various industries. When it comes to industrial carts, roll forming is a game-changer, offering numerous advantages over traditional fabrication methods. The use of roll forming in industrial carts not only enhances their durability but also improves their design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, […]


Roll Forming for the Appliance Industry

Roll forming is a highly efficient and versatile metal fabrication process that finds extensive applications in the appliance industry. Roller Die + Forming works with appliance clients to bend and shape long strips of metal into a desired cross-sectional profile using a series of roll stands. The resulting product is a precisely formed component or […]

Hot Rolled Steel vs. Cold Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel vs. Cold Rolled Steel: What’s the Difference in Roll Forming for Manufacturing?

As a roll forming manufacturer, choosing the proper raw materials is crucial to producing high-quality products. One of the most important decisions in this regard is whether to use hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel. Although both types of steel are widely used in the manufacturing industry, they have significant differences that can affect […]

Roller Die + Forming Makes Unique Shapes

Roll Forming Makes Parts Quickly and Accurately

Roll forming is renowned for its high speed and efficiency, making it a preferred method for producing steel channels and other profiles. This speed offers several advantages to Roller Die’s customers, including increased productivity, cost savings, and shorter lead times. One of the primary benefits of roll forming’s high speed is enhanced productivity. The process […]

Can Roll Forming Replace Stamping and Extrusion?

How Roll Forming Contributes to Reshoring Manufacturing in the USA

With the increasing trend of reshoring manufacturing operations in the United States, businesses are seeking advanced and cost-effective technologies to boost their domestic production. Roll forming is one such manufacturing technology that offers numerous benefits including cost savings, increased efficiency, improved product quality, and enhanced sustainability. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into […]

Roller Die + Forming Purchases New Equipment in Mexico Plant

Advantages of Manufacturing in Mexico

Did you know that Roller Die has a location in Mexico? In recent years, many companies have been considering moving their manufacturing operations from other overseas locations to Mexico. There are several advantages to this move, including favorable labor costs, proximity to the US market, and favorable trade policies. In this article, we will explore […]

How Long Does Roll Form Tooling Last?

Steel and Other Materials Used for Roll Forming

Roll forming is what we specialize in at Roller Die + Forming. It is a metal forming process that is widely used in the manufacturing of complex metal shapes. This process involves the continuous bending of a long strip of metal through a series of rollers to form a desired shape. Steel is the most […]

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Ron Martin, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Retires, Awarded Kentucky Colonel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die celebrates retirement and Kentucky Colonel award for key member of senior staff Ron Martin. The announcement of Ron Martin’s retirement in December was met by the senior team with a heart-felt outpouring of appreciation for all his support, mentoring, and dedication. For the last […]

Mixing Standard and Custom Tooling. Roller forming machine. The interior of the plant producing a metal profile.

Roller Die + Forming Acquires Existing Company Roller Die and Forming of Alabama

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die recently acquired Roller Die and Forming of Alabama with a facility located in Eufaula, Alabama. At the close of 2022, Roller Die + Forming completed an acquisition of Roller Die and Forming of Alabama, located in Eufaula, Alabama. As an existing roll form facility […]

roll form parts for your project

The Importance of Quality

When you’re considering roll form parts for your project, you’re initially attracted to the cheap cost per piece and the low material waste. However, if the quality isn’t present in the parts, then those advantages can quickly disappear. At Roller Die, we strive to meet and exceed our customer’s quality expectations. Our customers need to […]

Booming Solar Industry Drives Demand for Racking

Booming Solar Industry Drives Demand for Racking

The solar industry is booming. You’ve probably seen the large utility-scale solar fields spread across valleys and hillsides. Or you’ve had the option to add renewable energy to your electricity bill. Maybe you’ve invested in solar panels for your roof and cut your electric bill down. Any of these, and more, are indications that over […]

Roll Forming for Greenhouses

Roll Forming for Greenhouses

Using roll form parts to create a greenhouse is a great combination of two green and scalable technologies. Whether your greenhouse product is large or small, roll forming can provide the custom metal structure you need to create a strong, light, and functional product. Roller Die + Forming makes roll form parts from aluminum and […]