Looking at Economic Predictions for Manufacturing

Like every business, we are looking at economic predictions for manufacturing for the rest of the year and doing our best to predict what steps we need to take in order to ensure we come through 2020 strong. With GDP growth slowing and unemployment increasing, slowed consumer and business spending is likely to lead to a recession. The Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and other economic organizations have been putting [...]

Optimizing Logistics to Minimize Cost

With five locations across the U.S. and in central Mexico, Roller Die + Forming customers understand the advantage of location and logistics. Transportation costs can be one of the hardest costs to cut and warehousing costs can add up. Tackling these two costs can cut the cost-per-part and overhead. Our Green Cove Springs, Florida plant is well situated to help Florida solar companies meet customer requirements for large-scale solar racking [...]

Roll Forming in an Age of Social Distancing

Sheet metal bending in factory While much focus in the news, and on our website, has been on supporting the efforts of the medical community to get the supplies they need to fight Covid-19, many other industries are still operating during this time. From essential infrastructure businesses like trucks, trains, and racking, to businesses looking for new ways to function and putting in conveyors, signs, shields, and [...]

Roller Die is Part of the Essential Business Supply Chain

Many of the businesses who purchase rolled parts from Roller Die + Forming are considered essential businesses and, as one of their suppliers, Roller Die is also open and considered an essential business. Different states are issuing different orders regarding which businesses must close, but in all cases, suppliers of important parts needed for hospitals, infrastructure, and power supply remain open. In an effort to keep our team safe, Roller [...]

Roller Die Has Stamping Capabilities to Make Ventilators

In addition to making parts for hospital beds, solar panels, trucks, racks, and other key items to help our healthcare workers and keep our economy rolling, Roller Die is interested in making Medtronic Ventilators and partnering with other companies to combine their capabilities and expertise to increase the national availability of this lifesaving device. In addition to roll forming, we also offer stamping services and believe that would be the [...]

Roller Die is Ready to Work

With many businesses locked down in quarantine and the economic outlook uncertain, businesses in manufacturing and supply are checking in with their supply chains, vendors, and customers to see where problems are likely to arise. Roller Die made several changes as we saw Covid-19 coming to ensure that we are in a strong position for the months ahead. From protecting our team to ensuring that we have the materials and [...]

Roller Die Supplies Critical Parts to Help our Hospitals and Keep our Infrastructure Strong

Every week, representatives from different departments within Roller Die, from sales and customer service to operations and finance, gather to discuss current projects and what is in our pipeline. Over the last month, the increasing impacts of Covid-19 is a topic that has been front and center on everyone's mind . What will the impacts be for us and for the larger economy? For our suppliers and customers? How long [...]

A Message from Roller Die CEO about COVID-19

Dear Customers, As we're sure you are aware, COVID-19 is impacting businesses and supply chains across the globe and CDC guidelines are changing daily. During this uncertain time, we want you to rest assured that Roller Die + Forming is still open for business and plans to remain open as long as possible. In an effort to ensure our continued operations, we have instituted swing shifts to allow workers [...]

Roller Die Keeps Parts Running

In these uncertain times, everyone is cleaning everything they touch and trying to think through business contingency plans to ensure the economy keeps going and supplies continue to get where they’re most needed. After all, appliances will still break, cars and trucks still need repair, and boxes still need handling. Roller Die Keeps Parts Running For Our Clients Roller Die + Forming has the capacity to help you meet your [...]

Roller Die Can Help Overcome Supply Chain Problems

The team at Roller Die + Forming has been closely watching the development of the coronavirus. Our hearts go out to the people in China and other countries already struggling with this outbreak. In a global world, events on the other side of the globe can have effects all the way around. While we wait to see how the repercussions of the coronavirus play out, the team at Roller Die [...]