Supporting the Roller Die Family

What do you do when you find out your sister is fighting cancer? Well, there are lots of things, but for Keith Zimmerman, at Roller Die + Forming in Louisville, it included getting his coworkers to shave their heads in support and take a picture to lift her spirits. "Tracy's really been a champ about this," Keith reported. As our Facilities Manager, Keith and I have worked on several projects [...]

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Roll Forming Supports Green Jobs

We often talk about how roll forming is a lean, green, low waste, and sustainable process for creating custom metal parts. At Roller Die + Forming, many of the parts we make go on to support the infrastructure and projects that are at the heart of green jobs. Green jobs is a movement focusing on jobs in areas that are environmentally sustainable and/or have a positive social impact. While an [...]

Amortizing Roll Form Tooling

Custom roll form tooling is often necessary to create the exact cross section or hole punch pattern clients desire. A well-designed custom cross section or multi-pattern hole punch can create many different parts, so is often worth the up-front investment in the cost of tooling. The Roller Die + Forming engineering team is experienced in the science, and art, of designing tooling to create a cross section with a tight [...]

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Roller Die Works with Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Just-in-time production of parts is a careful dance between suppliers and manufacturers, working to ensure the plant has the parts needed for assembly without having to warehouse the spares and suppliers are shipping exactly what's scheduled. In a world of varying demand, however, the reality of just-in-time delivery means good communications on what's scheduled for upcoming weeks and projected for upcoming months so suppliers, such as Roller Die + Forming, [...]

Assembly is an Add-On Option

At Roller Die + Forming, our main focus is roll forming parts. However, to streamline your manufacturing process, we offer several in-line and add-on services that allow us to provide you with a finished part. From punching and pressing to powder coating and assembly, we can bend, weld, kit, and create the custom metal part you need. For example, when we are rolling parts that are headed off to a [...]

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Many Factors Driving Price Increases

Like many roll forming companies, Roller Die + Forming is adjusting to changes in the market and taking steps to ensure we can continue to meet the demand and provide our customers the high-quality parts and consistent services they've come to expect. While we've written frequently about the rising cost of steel and how raw material prices and shortages are driving up piece cost, there are many other factors at [...]

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How Demand is Impacting Prices

The team at Roller Die + Forming continues to closely monitor the price of steel, but that isn't the only factor driving our prices. You've probably noticed from your own grocery shopping that what's out of stock varies from week to week. At first it was toilet paper. Then other products, seemingly at random, would not be available. This was driven not only by the supply of raw materials but [...]

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Advantages of Roll Forming Tooling

When considering different processes and companies to manufacture the parts you need, roll forming may come up as an option. Roll forming companies like Roller Die + Forming offer many advantages including the ability to create consistent cross sections with low waste at a reasonable piece price. Roll form tooling is used to take a flat coil of metal and bend it into the desired shape. Roller Die + Forming [...]

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Combining Press Brake with Roll Forming

Roller Die + Forming uses a one-piece flow roll forming process. As part of that, we can include press brake operations. Once your part is punched and rolled, it can then be pressed using a press brake. You may want to use a press break to make additional folds on the edge of your parts after it has been cut to the correct length. This would allow folds on all [...]

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Metal Roll Forming for the Material Handling Industry

New warehouses are springing up overnight all across the country as the demand on the logistics industry grows. From these distribution centers flow the packages of goods that arrive at homes and stores for consumers, delivered by fleets of trucks and vans. And at every step of the way, these companies rely on custom roll formed parts to make their process flow smoothly. Roller Die + Forming has extensive experience [...]

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