Cold rolled steel is steel that has been rolled into the desired cross section at (or slightly above) room temperature. Since cold rolled steel forming is done when the steel is in a rigid state, more pressure is required, but there is no cooling period and no shrinking or warping during cooling. Cold rolled steel possesses a high tensile strength and a high degree of hardness and smoothness in the finished surface. These characteristics of cold rolled steel improve its ability to be machined.

Steel starts in a flat sheet that is fed into the roll forming machine. If any pre-process punching is required, the steel first goes through the punch for holes and notches. Roller Die has the ability to make multiple punch patterns on the same line, saving time when making multiple parts from the same cross section.

The punched steel is then passed through a series of rollers to reach the desired cross-section. Roller Die is able to hold industry-standard tolerances and, in some cases, even tighter tolerance for industries that require a high degree of precision. Cut off dies at the end of the roll line ensure that the shape is accurate. Our team can also perform a variety of post-processing steps to further shape or finish your cold rolled steel part.

Cold rolled steel has a matte finished appearance, which enables lubricants to remain effective during the cold rolled steel forming process. The formability and properties of cold rolled steel depend upon the grade and type of steel involved. Roller Die can also cold roll stainless steel, using a protective coat to keep the shiny finished appearance. Another option for finishing cold rolled steel is powder coating.

For cold rolled steel forming projects, Roller Die is equipped to offer you quality and value. We offer several grades and alloys of steel, so we can always select the best metallic properties for your specific end product.

Contact us to discuss your project. We will select the steel type that is best for your unique roll forming project, at a price that fits your budget.