Metal Fabrication of Finished Goods

Metal Fabrication Machine

When you need custom metal fabrication services, wouldn’t it make sense for you to trust the same company you already trust with your metal roll forming needs? At Roller Die + Forming, we made out name in roll forming, but we also offer metal fabrication services, including custom stainless steel fabrication. As a result, we are generally able to offer our customers a more efficient, cost-effective way to approach metal fabrication services, by performing these services in the same environment where the rolling takes place.

Once your parts are formed, we can quickly and easily perform the processes needed to add them to a larger fabrication. These processes could include welding, riveting, co-extrusion of plastic, and the addition of extruded aluminum, plastic or formed steel reinforcements. We also perform automatic cuts to length, sawing, piercing, and assembly, all of which can be done in a variety of shapes and sizes.

High-quality metal fabrication is an essential aspect of the success and reliability of custom metal parts and components. For your fabrication of finished goods, Roller Die + Forming is the ideal company to turn to. For several years, our qualified team of metal fabricators has been known to provide engineering services and components to a wide range of industries across North America. From welding to bending, cutting, forming, precision polishing, assembly, and finishing, we have what it takes to handle all your fabrication needs.

What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication refers to a combination of processes, including cutting, bending, and assembly, used for creating metal parts, structures, and components. The process can be used to create both custom and stock metal products. The metal fabrication process is used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, construction, chemicals, shipbuilding, and so forth.

What Are The Advantages ?

Some of the advantages of sheet metal fabrication include:

Cost-Effective: This is a cost-effective process. Thus, making it suitable for high-volume production.

Heat Resistance: fabricated metals have high heat resistance. They hardly rust and can withstand extreme conditions.

Improved Strength and Durability: Metal parts and components produced through fabrication often feature added strength and durability. They are some of the strongest and most durable materials used in various industries.

Versatility: This can take place through various processes, including soldering, chipping, welding, casting, and so forth.

Expert Operating Metal Fabricating Machinery

Our Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Roller Die + Forming is an industry leader in providing metal fabrication services. We invest in cutting-edge metal fabrication technology and advanced production management systems. With this, we are able to consistently deliver superior quality parts, components, and services that guarantee outstanding value.

Our fabrication capabilities can be used to support the creation of a variety of different finished goods; everything from truck components to shelving. Best of all, the fabrication work we do is all backed up by over 60 years in the custom metal components business, so you can be sure we will approach your project with knowledge and experience.

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