Metal Roll Forming for the Material Handling Industry

Metal Roll Forming for the Material Handling Industry

Roll Forming PartsNew warehouses are springing up overnight all across the country as the demand on the logistics industry grows. From these distribution centers flow the packages of goods that arrive at homes and stores for consumers, delivered by fleets of trucks and vans. And at every step of the way, these companies rely on custom roll formed parts to make their process flow smoothly.

Roller Die + Forming has extensive experience in the material handling industry as well as automotive, truck trailer, and conveyor industries, and creating the roll formed solutions these companies need to optimize and strengthen their products. Our machines work on forming the part using custom-build rollers to guide a flat piece of metal into the desired cross section. This cross section can be as long as needed, mainly limited by transportation requirements and engineering design.

We start our process with coils of raw sheet metal put through our rollers. We frequently make parts using steel, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, and many other raw materials. The metal first passes through pre-punch which creates any punches, notches, and other patterns needed in the metal. Then it begins to pass through the metal roll forming system, a series of rollers that bend the metal into the required shape. Roll forming can create a part with very tight tolerances, important when you’re going to assemble the parts into acres of racks or miles of conveyor.

The part then passes through a cut off die, ensuring that the cross section is correct and held in place while cut to the desired length. Additional inline processes such as welding and stamping are also available to further complete your assembly.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of roll forming, the roll forming process, or the extra in-line and value-added services we provide at Roller Die + Forming, please reach out to a member of our experienced sales team today. They will guide you through the process, ensuring that any parts we create meet your needs and quality standards.