Roll Formed Parts in the Truck Trailer Market

Roll Formed Parts in the Truck Trailer Market

The Roll Forming process is particularly valuable when the customer’s volume increases exponentially over press brake. Usually, at this point, Roll Forming becomes more affordable for the volume of the job can be completed faster with less labor cost per piece. In addition to this, Roll Forming allows for more complex profiles than traditional press brakes.

Roller Die + Forming and the Truck Trailer Market

Roll Forming can be used in the Truck Trailer Market, for there is a lot of volume with repeating patterns. Roller Die & Forming has supported the Truck Trailer Market for well over 50 Years, and we can produce a wide variety of parts such as Roof Bows, Side Post, E-Track, A-Track, and a host of other parts. In addition, we can make these parts in Stainless Steel.

Support from Roller Die + Forming

Roller Die supports a wide variety of companies and has the ability to do Line Sequencing and / or inventory management. We can take that stress off of your entire production team.

Please call us so that you can find out why Roller Die & Forming is one of the fastest growing roll forming companies in the country with many locations to support your business.