Roll Forming Decorative Parts

Roll Forming Decorative Parts

Roll Formed MetalsStainless steel and aluminum parts are often used on the outside of boats, cars, appliances, trucks, and other final products to make the item look secure and attractive. At Roller Die + Forming, we roll form many decorative, and decorative but useful stainless steel and aluminum parts. From the steps of a truck to the trim around a pool, roll formed metal can be both functional and attractive.

Delicate stainless-steel parts can be roll formed to hold tight tolerances and create an attractive line across the side of your boat. Stainless parts can be rolled and shipped with a protective film attached, protecting the part during rolling and shipping. This film also allows customers to wait until final assembly or delivery before removal.

Our roll forming engineers have decades of experience creating roll form lines that not only meet the customer’s tolerance needs, but create smooth, finished-looking parts. We maintain our machinery to ensure holes are neatly punched and cut-off is clean. Our quality control follows up to ensure parts continue to roll out to the customer on time and our in-house tool room proactively manages maintenance.

Roller Die also offers powder coating, an excellent way to finish parts in a variety of different colors. Powder coating makes the final part tougher and corrosion resistant. Like a number of other in-line processes we offer, having us handle the powder coating means your parts arrives at your location ready for assembly.

If you’re interested in roll forming and want to learn more, reach out to a member of our sales team. They can help you better understand whether your decorative part is a good candidate for roll forming and help meet your needs on additional in-line processing and just in time delivery.