Roll Forming for Greenhouses

Roll Forming for Greenhouses

Using roll form parts to create a greenhouse is a great combination of two green and scalable technologies. Whether your greenhouse product is large or small, roll forming can provide the custom metal structure you need to create a strong, light, and functional product.

Roller Die + Forming makes roll form parts from aluminum and several types of steel. These parts can have a standard or custom cross section, from a hat channel to an S curve. This profile gives them the rigidity, flexibility or strength your greenhouse product needs to take shape. Couple that with a custom punch-pattern and assembly is a breeze. Our high quality standards and tight tolerance means that when your parts show up for assembly on site, they fit together exactly as designed, every time.

Roll forming can create millions of feet of standardized product with lengths as long as you need (in reality, length is limited by what can be transported, not by the roll forming machines). This makes it an ideal solution for many structural greenhouse parts, from rafters and purlins to racking and rails. Our in-house engineering department is available to help you customize your roll formed part and optimize the different in-line functionality Roller Die offers our customers.

Roller Die also has experience making many different types of racking, shelving, conveyor, and display projects and can be used to make smaller and more delicate parts for greenhouse racking systems. We make decorative parts out of stainless steel or can powder coat parts for protection and a finished look.

For large projects, we also offer kitting options. We put together the parts needed for assembly into a kit and that kit is delivered to the assembly site. This saves transportation to your factory and then to the site. It also helps make installation easier as all the necessary parts are together and ready to go.

If you’re designing a new greenhouse project and interested to see how roll forming can help make your project efficient, cost-effective, sustainable, and manufactured in the USA, reach out to a member of our sales team today. They can tell you about our Standard Tooling Library or walk you through the process of working with engineering to build the rollers for your custom cross section.