Roller Die Can Help Overcome Supply Chain Problems

The Latest Updates on Trade and Tariffs

Roller Dies Stock of ready to go metalsThe team at Roller Die + Forming has been closely watching the development of the coronavirus. Our hearts go out to the people in China and other countries already struggling with this outbreak. In a global world, events on the other side of the globe can have effects all the way around.

While we wait to see how the repercussions of the coronavirus play out, the team at Roller Die is paying close attention to supply chain issues that may arise. One such problem that is already starting to cause challenges is manufacturing plants in the quarantined areas are shutting down, now going on for weeks. This is likely to cause a ripple effect as businesses are no longer able to get the raw material and parts they rely on for their processes, which will create larger problems in the global economy. Even with governments stepping in to help, the impacts will be significant.

When looking at historical supply chain disruptions, from hurricanes to war, we can start to get an idea of how a major world disruption can create a large impact. Between lower demand in China, travel restrictions, and quarantine zones, trade is being disrupted across the planet. Our management team wants to do what we can to help create supply chain solutions.

Roller Die + Forming customers are already reaching out, asking if we are expecting any material supply disruptions as a result of this outbreak. Since we source both steel and manufacturing components domestically, we are not expecting any problems.

One Roller Die advantage may be helpful to many impacted manufacturing companies. We offer a catalog of standard tooling shapes and dies on hand that we can use to create a wide variety of roll formed parts, all without the time and costs it takes to manufacture new tooling. We can also leverage this existing tooling to create semi-custom tooling that takes advantage of our standard library and only adds a few custom rollers or a pre-punch to create the exact part needed.

If you haven’t already established a contingency supply plan or if you’re looking for a way to diversify your supply chain and considering parts manufactured in the U.S. or Mexico, reach out to the sales team at Roller Die + Forming.

Ray HammonsSincerely,
H. Ray Hammons, CEO
Roller Die + Forming