Roller Die Can Press Brake Sheet Metal

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Extrusions coming out of machineThe Roller Die + Forming one-piece flow roll forming process can incorporate a press brake to bring your part into the final shape needed for assembly. After the metal is punched and rolled, sheet metal is then pressed using a press brake into a pre-determined shape. For example, if you have a part that has a fold along each edge, then two sides can be folded during the roll forming process and, after it’s been cut to length, the press brake can fold the remaining two sides.

Since we have our own in-house tool room that just serves the needs of the Roller Die + Forming facilities in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Mexico, we can manufacture a variety of dies to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our experienced engineering staff works with each client during the quoting process to turn their blueprint, schematic, or rough idea into a shape that can easily be rolled and put through the press brake machine. We offer a number of other in-line services as well to help create exactly the part needed at a competitive price.

metal press machine
metal press machine

While a press brake machine is different from a roll forming machine, safety is still important to our team. Line workers on the floor are regularly trained in safety standards both for the plant in general and for any specific machine they work with. The press brakes themselves also have built in safety features to ensure that users are taking their time and handling the heavy equipment in the proper way.

If you’re interested in sheet metal roll forming, press breaking, or any other custom metal forming services, please reach out to a member of our experienced sales team. They will help you leverage our Standard Tooling Catalog to see if we already have dies or rollers that would work for your part and then help you interact with our engineering staff to get a quote together. Call us today to learn more or start the quoting process.