Roller Die + Forming Handles Heavy Gauge Metals

Roller Die + Forming Handles Heavy Gauge Metals

Metal roll forming is used in many different industries, from the light grade stainless steel used as trim on luxury yachts to heavy gauge steel used in construction and rail cars. We can help customers create their custom parts using not only our roll formers, but also pre- and post-punched holes, programmable cut-off dies, and one-piece flow manufacturing process. This means many of our customers can have a variety of similar parts made using the same roll form line and tooling.

One of our biggest advantages, especially regarding running heavy gauge metals, is our in-house tool room. Where others have to send their tooling orders off for creation and repair, our team is standing by ready to step in and make sure our lines run smoothly. They are involved in the design of your tooling to ensure minimal cost and optimal flow. Then they keep an eye on the machines to ensure breakdowns are minimal and tools are quickly repaired or replaced.

The Roller Die team is proud of our work with heavy gauge steel and the parts that we make for the trucking, construction, material handling, and rail industries. We are constantly growing our capabilities to handle heavier gauge material and apply the same Roller Die advantages to parts both thick and thin.

If you’re interested in learning more about our capabilities and tolerances, reach out to our experienced sales team or browse our Standard Tooling Library.

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