Roller Die + Forming Supplies Z Sections for Solar

The solar industry uses Roller Die + Forming because when it comes to creating racking for solar panels, roll formed steel is a cost effective option. We offer the option to create custom shapes with our engineering team or take advantage of our Standard Tooling Library and make solar racks using our standard shapes. The video above features our VP of Engineering, Chris Kovacs, showing one of our standard Z-sections shapes used by the solar industry.

Using roll formed parts for solar racks is also a great way to reduce the costs of implementation. Roller Die not only rolls the standard or custom shape necessary for the rack, but also handles other steps as part of our in-line operations. With the ability to roll, shape, and create exactly the part that fits your needs, we can become a valued supplier for your solar manufacturing and installation process.

Roller Die + Forming has over 65 years of experience in the roll forming industry and our experience and Standard Tooling Library give us a unique ability to help solar industry customers create a quality product while keeping costs down. Access to the standard shapes allows customers to significantly reduce the up-front expense of purchasing tooling generally required to roll form steel and get started on rolling the parts in a quicker fashion. Our in-house tool room produces and maintains all our roll formers, meaning that we have control over timelines and keep our lines running smoothly. We also offer engineering excellence to support our customers with in-house expertise in the solar industry.

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To learn more, visit our Standard Tooling Library to see all the shapes available and if one might work for you. Then Request a Quote to work directly with our experience sales and engineering teams on your project.