Roller Die Makes Parts from Many Metals

While we talk a lot about steel roll forming, all the different shapes we can make from steel, and the advantages of cold rolled steel to many markets, don’t forget we can roll form other metals as well. In fact, aluminum roll forming is a common way to create light aluminum parts for appliances, decorative trim for the marine industry, and many other uses.

Steel roll formed U ChannelThe same shapes rolled in steel, from hat channels to angles to basic steel channels can also be used to create aluminum parts. From bleacher seats for sports fan cheering on their favorite team to appliance parts that are both decorative and functional, aluminum is a useful metal for roll forming. It’s also a useful metal in medical devices, food service equipment, and even air and aerospace applications.

In addition to roll forming, Roller Die has many other in-line and value add processes to help create a complete part for your process. We can pre-punch holes and notches so that rolled shapes can be assembled quickly. We have stamps and presses that can create a wide variety of metal folds and patterns. Our team can also weld and bend metal parts, allowing for some assembly to occur before parts are shipped to your facility. Finally, we can powder coat parts both small and large, so if a metal finish isn’t your goal, a solid powder coating is another excellent option.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming, from steel channels to aluminum hat sections and more, reach out to our experienced sales team. They will learn your project and goals and help you determine the best combination of processes to create your desired part.