What Separates Roller Die from the Competition?

What Separates Roller Die from the Competition?

The actual roll forming process is the same for all roll formers in the industry, so how does one distinguish themselves from the competition?


At Roller Die and Forming we have two significant benefits no other roll former has to offer:

  1. A library of standard tooling some 3,000 profiles strong
  2. A full in-house tool room with seven full-time engineers

We can design and build pre-punch die as complex as our customer imagination.

The 3,000 standard library gives our customers the advantage of lost cost tooling, no large capital outlay for new products, or on existing profiles In addition to those items, having our own in-house tool room allows for us to meet or exceed our customers’ deadlines on new tooling orders. At Roller Die and Forming, we have one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our tool room team members are high-level craftsman, with half of the team with over 35 years of experience.

For the last ten years, Roller Die and Forming have offered our customers a lot of ways to save on the expensive capital requirement of building a full set of tooling, and we have offered creative amortization plans for completely new tool builds.

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