Solar Installation Increases Across US

Solar Installation Increases Across US

Clean energy is a huge part of the updated energy infrastructure being implemented across the country and solar panels are one of the biggest contributors to this effort. Whether it’s being driven by individuals, companies, or government, the shift towards green energy includes solar at it’s heart. When we look at the numbers, solar makes up more than a quarter and in some cases almost 40% of the green capacity installed in 2020.

Since 2016, we have seen a rise in community-scale solar installations. These go beyond solar panels on rooftops to large fields and parking areas covered in solar panels. Further, improvements in technology and increasing scale has made it more viable for homeowners to install solar to help supplement their energy consumption.

Roll Formed Solar Panel Frames

Roll forming has proved to be an excellent solution for the frames that support solar panels. Roll forming offers a high degree of accuracy and tight tolerance in the roll formed shapes. Across a field of solar panels, a small inaccuracy can quickly add up. Our solar customers appreciate that we can create custom roll formed shapes within industry standard or better tolerances and provide excellent quality control to ensure that parts delivered to the worksite are usable.

We also offer kitting options for our solar customers, putting together a series of similar shapes and delivering them to the site. This allows installation workers to have access to all the parts they need to set up the frame in an organized fashion, or as a kit, rather than having to collect the parts needed for the solar racks before starting.

Roller Die has deep experience in the solar industry

The team at Roller Die + Forming has been roll forming racking for the solar industry since its infancy. We have supported companies across the US in getting the custom roll formed parts they need. Roll forming allows for many steps in creating the frames to happen in-line, keeping piece costs low. If you’re interested in learning more about Roller Die and how we help the solar industry, reach out to a member of our sales team today.