Understanding Cold Roll Forming

Roller Die is an Industry Leader in Custom Metal Forming

Understanding Cold Roll FormingThe biggest service offered by Roller Die + Forming is cold roll forming of custom metal parts. The steel rolling machines take the metal and put it through roll forming machines at or slightly above room temperature. In addition to steel, we also cold roll form other types of metal including aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and much more.

When steel is cold roll formed, it possesses several very desirable characteristics including a high tensile strength, a high degree of hardness, and a smooth, finished surface. Our engineering team designs a series of rollers that roll the cold steel or other metal into the cross-section specified by the customer. Our machines create parts that meet or exceed industry-standard tolerances on precision.

The matte finish on our products is good for lubricated parts, but rolling the part is generally only the first step in what Roller Die performs. In-line with the cold roll forming machines, we also have the ability to punch multiple hole patterns and cut the rolled part to various lengths as required by the customer. This means that one set of roll forming tools can create many different parts along the same cross-section. We also offer additional finishing services including pressing, powder coating, bending, and welding. The more steps we can perform along the line, the less steps your manufacturing facility takes as it adds your roll formed part into the final product.

If you’re interested in learning more about cold roll forming and whether it’s the right process for your part, reach out to our experienced sales team. You can also browse our catalog and look at our Standard Tooling Library to see if we already have the tooling in-house to create the shape you need.

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