Why Powder Coat

Why Powder Coat

Powder coating provides a tough finish that resists corrosion. Compared to traditional liquid finishing, it emits less hazardous materials – for a safer process. Our powder coating process matches our commitment to keep costs to our customers low.

How Powder Coating Works

Although you can see its results, powder coatings are based on nanotechnology. The coats themselves combine curatives, pigments, levelers, flow modifiers and other additives – designed to bond to the metal and provide the qualities the customer requires. The coatings initially share a similar texture to powdered sugar.

First, we make sure the metal is clean and free of contaminants – using mechanical or chemical methods depending on the state of the product. This process is essential to ensure bonding to the powder coating process from roller die + formingmetal and may involve abrasive blasting or chemical pre-treatment.

The powder coating process itself relies on electrostatic spray deposition or ESD. ESD uses a spray gun – but not a typical one! ESD applies an electrostatic charge to the powder, which attracts them to the metal product. At Roller Die, we use a computer controlled spray system to optimize efficiency to keep your costs down.

After the metal product is thoroughly coated, it cures in a special oven, where the bonding process continues. The powder coating is heated and melts, to form a uniform cover. The coating and metal product form molecular chains, resistant to break down.

Powder coating relies on nanotechnology, but the results are definitely visible! Your powder coated products will look great and last. Reach out to Roller Die for more information on how powder coating could benefit your products.