Customer Advantages with Upgraded Equipment

Customer Advantages with Upgraded Equipment

Roll of galvanized steel sheet for manufacturing metal pipes and tubes in the factoryThe plant managers at Roller Die + Forming are always working on upgrading equipment, in ways small and large. From upgraded hand tools to ensure employee safety and accuracy to new roll mills, management is willing to invest wisely in the future.

Our new roll mills allow us to place rolls closer together which leads to a number of advantages. First, the new mills can hold tighter tolerances in roll formed shapes. This is especially important in industries like aerospace and solar, where precision is key. Further, our newer roll mills take less people to operate, saving on labor costs, and can eliminate some secondary operations.

Since Roller Die works with a wide variety of industries, we have many different roll lines to accommodate different needs. From delicate and decorative stainless steel parts to heavy galvanized steel rolled as long as transportation allows, we can handle it in house.

We’re also proud of the upgrades to our powder coating line in Rossville, GA. These upgrades allow us to powder coat larger parts with precision. Powder coating provides an attractive and protective finish to your custom roll formed part and puts you one step closer to final assembly. We can powder coat in a
variety of colors.

If you’re interested in roll forming and how it can efficiently create your custom cross-section, reach out to our experienced sales team. They can review your needs, show you our standard tooling library to help cut up-front tooling costs, and discuss pre- and post-notch punches, pressing, and other in-line operations we offer.