Explore the Roller Die + Forming Plant in Green Cove Springs, FL

Explore the Roller Die + Forming Plant in Green Cove Springs, FL

In order to meet customer needs, Roller Die has operations across the US and Mexico, including a facility in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Located right outside of Jacksonville, this plant is in close proximity to the Jacksonville Port of Entry. Customers with international shipping needs can take advantage of the logistical advantage of the port. 

Large volume projects throughout the southeast, from solar to construction, find Jacksonville to be a very convenient location. With easy interstate access into North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, our Jacksonville facility can ship parts on a just in time basis to customers throughout the southeast.

Part length is limited by transportation rather than by our facility, allowing customers to order uniquely long parts. This is especially useful for the construction and solar industries where project scale is often building-size or larger.

High tonnage projects often end up on the heavier roll forming machines in our Green Cove Springs facility. Our high tonnage presses can pre notch heavier gauge metals giving customers a weightier part with all the same advantages of roll forming. We also offer a variety of secondary services from bending to assembly.

If you’re interested in custom metal roll forming, reach out to our experience sales team today. They and our in-house engineering staff will help you review your part and determine the best location to manufacture it from both a capacity and logistical standpoint. We work with you to help meet your needs.