Roller Die’s In-House Tool Room Manages Tooling Maintenance

Custom Roll Forming Tooling

One big advantage of working with Roller Die + Forming is access to our in-house tool room. In addition to creating customer tooling locally, we also perform all our tooling maintenance. This means that both scheduled maintenance and unexpected problems are handled quickly by a team already familiar with the tools.

Scheduled maintenance is important to make sure roll forming tools are punching precise holes, shaping the metal to the necessary tolerances and creating a clean cut between parts. The frequency of maintenance depends on the type of metal being rolled and the volume of parts and is something plant managers account for when scheduling jobs.

Unexpected maintenance sometimes occurs and having a local tool room with the machines and skills to make and repair tooling means that downtime is limited. Unlike other roll formers who may have to ship tooling off to be serviced and fit in with another company’s schedule, we’re able to handle problems in-house and quickly.

Our in-house tool room also makes and maintains the tooling in our Standard Tooling Library, a wonderful resource that helps some customer significantly cut the cost of developing their own custom tooling. To learn more about the advantages of working with Roller Die, reach out to one of our experienced sales team today.