Large Volume Custom Roll Forming: DIY or Outsource?

Roll Formed MetalsWhen it comes to customers who need large volume custom roll forming services, we often find that they try to do it in house first. They buy the roll forming machines, source the raw materials, and train staff on how to run the machines. Over time, they often end up at our door because, while they can do it themselves, Roller Die offers some major advantages.

  • Higher Volume Material Sourcing: Because Roller Die is sourcing hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and aluminum each year, we’re able to take advantage of market fluctuations and volume discounts that may not be available at a lower level. Cheaper raw material prices are passed directly on to our customers.
  • Smoothing Cost Variability: You may need a lot of roll forming one month and less the next. There is always variability in manufacturing, but there is a cost for those machines to sit idle. We help smooth that cost as our machines can switch out rollers and run another project. Our customers can cut out the cost of overhead during their dead times and the cost of keeping equipment set up that’s not being used.
  • Highly-Trained Staff: Our staff runs thousands of feet of roll formed material every day. They know how to make sure every piece meets the required tolerance, they can hold a high level of quality, and they’re in tune with our roll forming machines. If something seems off, our team will spot and correct the issue quickly.
  • In-House Tool Maintenance: Roller Die offers a huge advantage with our in-house tool room. Not only do we create custom tooling for our customers, we can maintain our tooling in a timely fashion and limit unexpected downtime. We can also predict when tooling is getting old and work with customers well in advance to create new tooling to keep their product rolling.
  • Secondary Operations: We also offer a number of additional operations we can do to help deliver a finished part. From bending to welding to powder coating, our team can handle making sure you receive a part that flows right into your process.
  • Just-in-Time Delivery & Kitting Options: Warehousing can add cost to any manufacturing process. Instead get your pieces delivered just-in-time so that you have what you need each week but aren’t having to worry about stockpiling what you made while your machine was running. We can also work with you to develop a kit so that the parts you need are delivered packaged together.

While we offer custom roll forming for runs as small as 5,000 feet, we have many customers who need significantly more product. No matter how big your needs, Roller Die can be your partner in managing your roll forming and optimizing at least one part of your process. Reach out to a member of our experienced sales team to learn more about the advantages of working with Roller Die.