Roller Die’s Standard Tooling Library

Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Manufacturing & Tooling CapabilitiesOur sales team likes to talk about the Roller Die Standard Tooling Library because it provides a huge value to our customers. Over the last 60 years, our in house tool room has created a large collection of standard size and shape tooling. We can use this tooling to run jobs that fit these sizes and shapes. For custom shapes, our standard tooling can often be used to run part of the job, significantly cutting down the number of custom rollers required.

Our library is divided into sub-categories that are roughly related to the number of bends and the direction of the bend in the metal. We have angles which are simple bends along the width anywhere from obtuse angles to acute.  We have channels, which are roughly U or J shaped, C sections, where the open ends are closer together, but not quite meeting, and we have hat sections, which roughly resemble a top hat cross section with a bent channel and arms stretching to either side. We also have Z sections where there are two bends in the cross section that fold different directions.

Our engineering team can take your part specifications and compare that to our standard tooling to see if we can leverage our existing library to create cost savings for you. While there is still some cost associated with assembling the standard tooling, testing the shape to ensure quality, and making pre-punch and cut-off dies, there are still significant savings in both money and time.

With all tooling, whether in house or custom, our tool room pays close attention to the quantity of the parts and the tolerances the tooling is holding to ensure required maintenance happens in a timely fashion. We want to keep your parts running and flowing out the door on the schedule you need. If you’d like to learn more about Roller Die and the numerous advantages we offer our custom roll forming customers, browse our standard tooling library and then reach out to request a quote today.