New 2.5″ Roll Form Line Installed in Queretaro, Mexico

New 2.5" Roll Form Line Installed in Queretaro, Mexico

Recently, the Roller Die + Forming plant in Queretaro, Mexico, acquired a 2 1/2″ (2.5″) line to add additional capabilities to the location. This line gives the Mexico location greater capacity and gives our customers more options. Specifically, the new line can handle parts that are 0.079″ to 0.140″ thick, which is thicker than many of our other roll lines.

While this line could produce parts for a wide variety of industries, we think it is of particular interest to the logistics and metal racks industry. Increased demand on shipping and warehousing due to the pandemic and changes in consumer behavior have resulted in a huge increase in the logistics industry, and the parts needed to support those operations.

The Roller Die plant in Queretaro offers the same excellent processes and customer support as all Roller Die facilities. It is also being centrally located in Mexico and able to provide just in time parts to faculties in Mexico and cost-effective parts to customers in the USA. Many Roller Die customers appreciate the advantages of being able to manufacture parts in Mexico and often have faculties there as well. From automotive to solar to material handling, customers looking for custom roll formed metal parts for Mexico production or to go to the Latin and South American market.

For parts that were previously sourced in China, Mexico can also be an excellent option. If your final assembly facility or construction location is in the U.S. or Mexico, having parts made and transported from a closer location can result in a drastic reduction in cost. It’s also easier to visit for quality inspections and easier to communicate on a day-to-day basis with a plant in a closer time zone.

Customers in the racking industry can reach out to the sales team at Roller Die + Forming to learn more about roll forming, our location in Mexico, and the different additional in-line operations that we can set up to support your custom part.