When You Might Need Custom Tooling

Roll Forming Dies and Tooling Library

At Roller Die + Forming, we’re justifiably proud of our huge inventory of standard tooling. We’re able to make a lot of complex shapes and help our customers keep costs low with this excellent variety. However, there are many times customers still want us to create custom tooling and several advantages in doing so.

  1. Truly Unique Parts. When you have custom tooling made for your cross section, it will truly be a unique part. Since you purchase and own your tooling, we do not use it for any other customers. For companies looking to set up proprietary racking systems, this can be a huge advantage.
  2. Maximize Tooling Life. Especially for high volume parts, you want to make sure your investment in tooling will last the longest time possible. With regular maintenance, even high volume tooling can last a long time. Further, we can handle that maintenance around your production schedule, ensuring that you are always receiving your parts just in time.
  3. Made in the USA. When you work with Roller Die + Forming, your tooling is made in our in-house tool room in Louisville, KY. This means we control the schedule and you aren’t waiting six weeks on an overseas tool maker and hoping they arrive on time.
  4. Local Maintenance. We maintain all our own tools and our customer’s tools have access to the same tool room, which means any needed maintenance is quick and happens locally.
  5. Partially Custom Tooling. If we have a standard shape you need, but you want a custom punch or press, that’s also an option and our experienced engineers will be happy to help you cut your costs while still getting the end part you’re looking for.

While not all customers want or need custom tooling, if you’re running high volume or have a custom aspect of the part you want to create, Roller Die can help. Our experienced engineers will quickly review your design and generate a quote. They are often able to do this within a day and, if it takes longer than that, they are already in communication with you to better understand your design specifications.

If you’re looking for custom metal roll forming, reach out to Roller Die + Forming. Our sales team will help you through the quoting process and will work to ensure you get exactly the parts you’re looking for, right on time.