Planning for Steel Mill Outages to Avoid Material Shortage

Steel Mill OutagesRoller Die customers are encouraged to place orders for the coming months as soon as possible. Steel mills across the country are reporting outages for various reasons, driving up the costs of raw material and the time to receive that material. While most of the outages are due to scheduled equipment maintenance, unplanned outages are also occurring.

Since steel is one of the more common metals used in roll forming, we pay close attention to the price and market for steel and the changes in that industry, particularly in the U.S. We work with our suppliers to secure the best possible pricing and take advantage of bulk ordering when possible. These strategies are part of how we keep our prices reasonable for our customers, but they are especially important now with additional economic pressure from within the steel industry and in the world in general.

The team at Roller Die is tracking these outage notices as they come out and working to ensure we place steel orders well ahead of scheduled needs. If you’re unsure about volume for the winter, work with your customer service or sales contact to estimate your needs. We want to ensure we have enough raw material on hand to meet demand and continue to roll your product out the door on time.