Roller Die Creates Tooling for Aluminum Angles

Aluminum AnglesSteel isn’t the only material that can be easily roll formed. Aluminum is another excellent option for parts where weight and flexibility are key. Parts made from various different grades and finishes of aluminum are great for applications where structures move and flex and weigh much less than a comparable part made from steel. Transportation is one field where aluminum parts are used, including cars, trucks, airplanes, space applications, and many types of boats.

While angles are the simplest and most common cross section, aluminum can also be rolled into a wide variety of cross-sections using either Roller Die’s standard tooling catalog or custom tooling developed specifically for your needs. We have an in-house tool room that can create tooling to your exact specifications and helps maintain the tooling, ensuring minimal down time for maintenance and repairs.

Parts made from aluminum angles also benefit from other in-line processes such as pre-punches or pre notching, stamping, punches after the part is rolled, and inline flying cutoff ensuring parts are cut to the correct length. We also offer welding, assembly, and special packaging options such as kitting and just-in-time delivery. Roller Die specializes in roll forming custom aluminum parts and works to make sure we meet the customer’s needs in many different ways.

Each of our locations can roll aluminum to industry-standard tolerances of +/-.031 inches and sometimes even tighter tolerances. Check out our page on aluminum angles to get more details on our capabilities and our standard angles. If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming aluminum angles, reach out to our experienced sales team today. They can discuss your goals with you, walk you through getting a quick quote from our engineering team, and will keep in touch to help ensure that your part is developed and delivered exactly as expected.