Roll Forming is All About Speed

Roll Forming is All About Speed

All About SpeedSpeed is the theme of the year for 2020, but what does that mean for roll forming and what can the Roller Die + Forming customers expect? Like most manufacturing operations, it means we will be taking steps throughout the year in each department to increase our speed and performance while not sacrificing quality.

For our sales team, speed means being able to respond to customer requests quickly with accurate information on costs and timing. They are working closely with the engineers, finance department, and plant management to ensure information is flowing smoothly. For customers, this means that when you ask for a quote, you’ll get quick follow-up from our sales team and full and accurate information on what it will take to turn your drawing into a roll formed part.

Operations will be looking at how to put more processes in line. When we can pre-punch, roll, and cut off a part in the same workflow, we can increase efficiency and help drive down costs. Other processes like welding, stamping, and powder coating also have steps we can take to make them more efficient. Similarly, quality control wants to make sure that we are performing accurate checks on the relevant measurements to make sure the customers are getting consistent parts and we are making few mistakes.

The Roller Die + Forming customer service team is also looking at ways they can speed up their work, especially when it comes to communicating with customers around orders, shipping, and upcoming changes. Making sure accurate information flows between sales, engineering, quality, and customer service is key to making this happen.

Roller Die is excited about the new year and the growth we’ve seen already and is ready to run full speed ahead towards smart, sustainable growth. If you’re interested in learning how Roller Die can help you with your custom roll formed metal part, reach out to a member of our sales team.