Roller Die Helps Mobile Home Industry

Roller Die Helps Mobile Home Industry

Mobile Home IndustryRoll forming can be used in a wide variety of industries and is often a much better option than using standard steel shapes and parts. We recently worked with a client in the mobile home industry to help them cut costs, cut waste, and produce a better part for their process. Similarly, we’ve worked with clients with other types of pre-fab buildings to help them achieve efficiencies.

Significant Waste Cuts Were Not Enough

Previously, the mobile home manufacturer was using standard shapes that they cut to the length required and then had to drill through or weld to attach to their structures. There was significant waste as the ends they cut off were not long enough for any other use and there was labor waste as the structure was assembled. Switching over to roll formed parts allowed the company to specify the exact lengths wanted, immediately cutting material waste down to a negligible amount. Further, pre-punching holes made assembly a breeze.

Our experienced roll forming engineering team worked with the client to create a set of parts that used the same roll forming line but a different series of punches to roll a variety of parts. While there is often an up-front set up charge to create new custom tooling, our engineers are often able to leverage our Standard Tooling Library to keep that cost low.

Our operations team can also create kits to help speed along assembly, making sure all the necessary parts for each home are packaged together. Manufacturing, even in the mobile home industry, is all about speed and with kits, custom parts, and just in time delivery, Roller Die + Forming can help you achieve your goals. To learn more, reach out to an experienced member of our sales team.