Roller Die Can Paint Large Parts

Roller Die Can Paint Large Parts

One excellent way to finish parts is powder coating. This provides a protective coat over your metal part and can be an attractive finish. Allowing us to handle powder coating before assembly removes the step from your team and ensures the full part is coated.

Roller Die offers powder coating in a variety of colors and recently completed coating a large batch, confirming an ability to successfully coat parts up to 12.5-feet. Our process is environmentally friendly as it contains no solvents and does not release compounds into the atmosphere.

Powder CoatingPowder coating is resistant to chipping and scratching, and can even be applied in a thick coat, ensuring any aesthetic parts remain attractive and parts that need the protection remain coated. A part that has been powder coated will maintain it’s finish for well over a decade, providing a lasting solution for protecting parts.

The sales and engineering teams at Roller Die are happy to help you explore different finish options to ensure your parts meet your needs. Our quality control team is also involved, helping to design the checks necessary to ensure that your parts are delivered exactly as ordered. We also provide just-in-time delivery so that you can take advantage of making a larger purchase but still get just the parts you need as your process needs them without the need to warehouse significant orders.

Reach out to our sales team to learn more about our powder coating operation as well as our custom metal roll forming. We have the ability to do a number of processes in-line with our roll forming, from punching to welding and even some assembly.