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Roller Die + Forming Purchases New Equipment in Mexico Plant

Many manufacturers are now looking at moving their business from China and other Asian countries back to North America. This trend has been heightened as the global pandemic shut down borders, making it harder for manufacturing representatives to perform plant tours and quality checks and slowing of logistics impacted transportation times.

Mexico Plant Roll Forming EquipmentBringing production back to North America has numerous advantages including greater control over quality and final product, ease of communication as you’re crossing less time zones, and simplified logistics as you’re probably not shipping product. You can keep many of the labor costs advantages by considering Mexico for your re-shoring destination, where labor costs are lower but quality is still on par with U.S. manufacturing. Further, sourcing your parts closer to home can significantly cut transportation costs and allow for just-in-time delivery, saving warehousing your excess and allowing you the ability to flex so your supply meets the existing demand.

Roller Die + Forming offers five locations in the U.S. and Mexico for custom metal roll forming. We work with you to manufacture your part at the location that provides you with the best logistical advantages. Our plants implement improvements across the board, ensuring consistent quality and production and our Mexico facility is a showcase of 5S practices.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to the experienced sales team at Roller Die. We have a large library of standard tooling that helps us keep tooling and start up costs low.

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We believe in improving made in America by producing a high quality product locally, supporting our vets, and providing top notch customer service. We work with each customer to help them get their part made and meet their specifications and needs. Contact us today to learn more and discuss more about our facilities in the US and Mexico.