Roller Die is Part of the Essential Business Supply Chain

Interested in Working at Roller Die? Consider the Night Shift

Essential Business Supply ChainMany of the businesses who purchase rolled parts from Roller Die + Forming are considered essential businesses and, as one of their suppliers, Roller Die is also open and considered an essential business. Different states are issuing different orders regarding which businesses must close, but in all cases, suppliers of important parts needed for hospitals, infrastructure, and power supply remain open.

In an effort to keep our team safe, Roller Die has implemented a variety of new health and safety measures. Our doorknobs are wiped with bleach regularly, our latest 5S effort involves wiping down machines regularly, and our bathrooms have never been so clean. We are also providing all team members who must come into the plants with masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Roller Die Has The Raw Materials For Your Essential Business Supply Chain

Roller Die is also working to make sure we have the raw materials on hand as this pandemic continues. We are constantly monitoring the market for raw metals and purchasing well ahead of schedule to ensure supply. We are also ordering and manufacturing well in advance the other materials our process needs, from lubricant to tooling.

Keeping our team safe is an important part of ensuring that we can continue to function and provide those important parts, from hospital bed rails to truck parts that will help our nation stay strong during this time and come out with our infrastructure ready for regrowth. If you have a custom roll formed part you need manufactured in this time, reach out to our sales team. We plan to continue operations at all our U.S. and Mexico locations and can help you get up and running quickly.

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We believe in improving made in America by producing a high quality product locally, supporting our vets, and providing top notch customer service. We work with each customer to help them get their part made and meet their specifications and needs. Contact us today to learn more about our facilities in the US and Mexico.