Roll Forming in an Age of Social Distancing

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Sheet metal bending in factory
Sheet metal bending in factory

While much focus in the news, and on our website, has been on supporting the efforts of the medical community to get the supplies they need to fight Covid-19, many other industries are still operating during this time. From essential infrastructure businesses like trucks, trains, and racking, to businesses looking for new ways to function and putting in conveyors, signs, shields, and more to allow continued operations.

For many custom metal parts, roll forming is an excellent solution. We have an extensive library of standard tooling based on common shapes that we can pull and start running quickly. If your business is looking for hat sections, c-channels, angles, and more in custom lengths with hole patterns to meet your specific needs, Roller Die + Forming can quickly deliver.

For businesses that were manufacturing overseas and are now facing supply chain challenges, manufacturing in the U.S. or in Mexico can be an excellent alternative. With five locations, Roller Die can help you cut down your transportation costs and allow you to operate with a just in time supply of critical components.

If you’re looking for a roll forming solution, reach out to our experienced sales team to learn more about how Roller Die + Forming operates and how we can help you navigate the current global situation and keep your lines running.

The roll forming process can be used to form a wide variety of cross-section profiles. An open profile is most common, but a closed tube-like shape can be created as well. Because the final form is achieved through a series of bends, the part does not require a symmetric cross-section. Unable to find an exact match in our metal roll forming tooling library? No problem. With nearly 200 years of cumulative metal roll forming and shop experience, our engineers and in-house tool room can still meet your needs.