Roller Die Facility in Rossville Handles Powder Coating and Aesthetically Challenging Parts

How Does Powder Coating Work?

The Roller Die + Forming plant located in Rossville, GA has a variety of areas in which the team and equipment particularly excel. While they run a number of simple roll formed parts, they also get to handle parts that are particularly demanding, giving customers with complicated requirements the same roll forming advantages.

Rossville has one of the largest powder coat systems in the Southeast and so many parts that require powder coating run through our Georgia facility. In particular, the team is experienced in handling powder coating for aesthetically demanding parts where customers need the parts to look perfect. Having the powder coat and roll forming together saves storage and conveyance costs. Other available in-line process include multiple punch patterns, stamping, welding, and other assembly.

The Rossville roll forming team is also comfortable with rolling delicate, aesthetically challenging parts, also known as Class A appearance parts. We focus on meeting and exceeding industry standard tolerances and creating custom roll forming lines that meet our customer’s needs. Lighter gauge parts are used in many industries including appliance, solar, and many transportation sectors.

If you’re interested in custom metal roll forming but not sure if your part is a good fit, reach out to our experienced sales team. They work with our engineers to review parts to design a production line for customers that creates consistent, high-quality parts and can run just in time delivery to help you further save storage costs.