Roller Die + Forming is Financially Strong and Growing

We Can Help You be “Made in America”

Roll Forming Steel RollsIf your business is looking to invest in a roll forming partner and the tools and dies necessary to create roll formed parts, then you want to ensure the supplier of those parts is in sound financial condition. This is a great reason to consider the team at Roller Die + Forming. In addition to our other competitive advantages, such as our in-house tool room, our excellence in engineering, our Standard Tooling Catalog, and the many in-line processes we offer, Roller Die has been a financially strong and growing company for the last 16 years.

Quarter over quarter, Roller Die exhibits growth and re-invests in our team, our equipment, and our services. In 2018, we spent $3.5 million on new and upgraded roll forming equipment and tool room equipment. We also acquired ownership of a Wire EDM Company to further service our customer’s needs.

“Management has been a huge factor in our success,” commented Roller Die CFO Jeff Seger. “The entire upper management team has shown prudent administration of resources and a willingness to invest in the company’s long term success.”

In addition to making investments in equipment, Roller Die focuses on making investments in the people who make up our team and the communities that surround our plants. From working to find the right combination of pay and benefits to support all employees to giving back to community organizations that are making a difference, Roller Die aims to continue to build a strong company long into the future.

Roller Die + Forming has been in business over 85 years and has locations in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Mexico. We manufacture roll formed steel, aluminum, galvanized, and other custom metal parts for the automotive, solar, appliance, and construction industries, as well as many others. Roller Die is a leader in the North American roll forming market. To learn more about our company and the services we offer, reach out to one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff today.