Roller Die is Ready to Work

Roller Die + Forming’s Queretaro, Mexico Facility Demonstrates 5S and Lean Principles

With many businesses locked down in quarantine and the economic outlook uncertain, businesses in manufacturing and supply are checking in with their supply chains, vendors, and customers to see where problems are likely to arise. Roller Die made several changes as we saw Covid-19 coming to ensure that we are in a strong position for the months ahead. From protecting our team to ensuring that we have the materials and resources on hand to operate, Roller Die is in a strong position and ready to work.

Material Access

Roller Die has started placing material orders for all customers well in advance of delivery dates to ensure that we have the raw materials on hand to run parts. You will not face a delay in delivery due to material problems. We are also working with customers to ensure that transportation and warehousing needs are met. When we deliver many parts on a just-in-time basis and are working with those customers to adjust schedules as needed to ensure on time delivery. (

Financial Strength

With a strong financial track record going into the pandemic, Roller Die is positioned well to ensure that our team is cared for and our business operations continue. Further, as we welcome new customers who might be moving from other suppliers, we have the ability to be flexible on tooling arrangements to ensure that your part continues rolling without a significant cost in tooling. We do this through amortizing the cost of tooling or leveraging our standard tooling library to significantly cut tooling startup costs. Management has given our sales team the green light to be flexible and creative to help potential customers address the costs of moving to Roller Die.

Manufacturing in the U.S. and Mexico

Ready To WorkRoller Die + Forming has five locations across the southeast U.S. and Mexico with capacity to meet your needs. A recent push by plant managers to improve systems and processes means we’re running the same amount of material in less time and with improved quality and have the capacity to run more without increasing our overhead. Our Mexico facility is beautiful and staffed with a skilled roll forming team that can help you meet your needs if you want to manufacture outside of the U.S. while being assured that your quality standards are still met.

Our sales team is ready to help you ensure that your supply chain stays strong during this challenging time. Reach out today to learn more about custom metal roll forming, our additional in-line processes, and the steps we are taking to ensure we meet all customer needs.