Roller Die Supplies Critical Parts to Help our Hospitals and Keep our Infrastructure Strong

Roller Die Supplies Critical Parts to Help our Hospitals and Keep our Infrastructure Strong

Roll Forming for Hospital Bed Parts and FramesEvery week, representatives from different departments within Roller Die, from sales and customer service to operations and finance, gather to discuss current projects and what is in our pipeline. Over the last month, the increasing impacts of Covid-19 is a topic that has been front and center on everyone’s mind . What will the impacts be for us and for the larger economy? For our suppliers and customers? How long will this continue?

With much in the situation fluid, Roller Die took the unprecedented step of making a major raw materials purchase to ensure we have, on hand, the steel and aluminum to keep our plants running. We will continue to stay ahead on material orders to keep our portion of the supply chain running smoothly. We’ve also enacted a number of changes with our plant personnel to help our team remain as healthy as possible.

Roller Die supplies parts for hospital beds, a roll form application that is critical to our nation’s response. We are working with our customers to help ensure their increased needs are met. We are also reviewing other parts in their supply chain to see if roll forming and our other value added services such as stamping and welding, can help speed up their process. We’ve already started ramping up with existing customers and are able to turn around quotes for new customers quickly.

Similarly, our work with automotive and truck companies is critical to keeping our nation’s logistics flowing. While travel is slowing down, food and goods still need to flow across the country and it is the trucks, trains, and delivery vans that make this happen. Roller Die supplies a wide variety of parts to the trucking, automotive, and train industries and our engineering team has the experience to quickly determine whether a particular part is a good fit for roll forming.

If you’re facing supply chain issues or want to learn more about roll forming options, reach out to the team at Roller Die. We’re prepared, financially strong, and ready to help.