Roller Die Offers Sheet Metal Press Brake as well as Roll Forming

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While we often focus on the many advantages of creating parts using the roll form manufacturing process, press brake is another excellent option. Often used alongside roll forming to create parts for the automotive, appliance, and marine industries, press brakes can create custom shapes or add additional uniform bends to roll formed parts.

Generally used for steel parts, press brakes like roll forming can be used with whatever metal the customer requires. Our engineering team reviews customer parts to determine which shapes are best made using roll forming and which are better suited for press brake. For example, we make a number of parts for the tractor trailer industry that require bend and formed edges on four sides. We roll form two of the sides, using our in-line punch to create any needed holes in the middle. Then we use the press brake to create the shape on the ends. Done as part of our in-line process and in the same facility, press brake is an efficient way to create the part.

If you’re interested in learning more about steel roll forming, sheet metal press brake, or any of our other in-line processes, reach out to a member of the Roller Die sales team today. They have a deep knowledge of roll forming and can often offer insight into how best to use our different processes to create the parts you need. They’ll work with you to get material quotes, tooling quotes, and a timeline to move from idea to prototype to finished parts.