Steel Prices Continue to Rise

Following an almost perfect linear progression, steel prices over the last year have risen dramatically and continue to rise. For many of our customers, this means an increasing percentage of their piece price is now in raw materials and as consumers, we’re seeing those price increases reflected in both the cost, and supply availability, of everything we buy.

As a large purchaser of steel, Roller Die + Forming closely tracks metal pricing. In the past, we’ve been able to take advantage of dips in cost and bulk buying to secure good rates on raw material for our customers. This requires knowing in advance which projects are in the pipeline and the projected volume.

It seems likely that, for the time being, steel prices will continue to rise. Our engineering staff works hard to turn quotes around within 24 hours, including pricing the raw materials needed. However, because of the constantly rising prices, those piece prices, at least the portion relating to raw material, are only valid for a very limited window. Our sales team does everything they can to make sure specifications and pricing are communicated in a timely manner so our clients have the information they need to make decisions.

Rising costs is a problem that is impacting every manufacturer and supplier and will require some creative solutions to continue to provide quality parts to meet demand. Roller Die has long worked with our customers to meet their needs, from just-in-time delivery to kitting parts to in-house assembly. We will continue to strive for custom, creative, and innovative ways to help our clients source the material they need, use pricing models that are fair for all, and provide the same level of quality and service that’s always been associated with Roller Die.