Roller Die is Open and Taking Orders for Just in Time Delivery

Roller Die Helps With SolarMany of our customers are interested in having their parts supplied on a just-in-time basis, allowing them to keep inventory low and flex to respond to market demand. Serving OEM and tier one automotive companies, as well as appliance manufacturers, and many others, our team works with a customer’s purchasing and production departments to lock in projected demand, purchase material, and ensure a steady stream of parts to the customer’s facility.

Solar racking is another application of roll formed parts that not only takes advantage of our ability to deliver just in time, but also requires parts put together in a kit so that the parts arrive on the site of the new solar farm as a set, ready to support the solar panels. The solar industry is booming as states offer incentives to increase solar power production and consumers are demanding better options. Roller Die helps both large- and small-scale clients with solar racking.

While the global pandemic has made the economy shift, many of our clients are growing, particularly those in material handling, automotive, and healthcare. Being able to operate on a just in time basis means that, over the last several months, Roller Die was able to shift and meet demand, ensure material sourcing, and continue to provide excellent service.

If you’re interested in roll forming, reach out to a member of the Roller Die + Forming sales team to learn more about our company and our unique capabilities. We’re able to help with the up-front costs of tooling, purchase raw materials, and plan production so that you get the parts you need, but aren’t faced with transporting or storing parts you don’t want. Roller Die has capacity on many of our lines and our plant managers are eager to fill those lines with new roll formed parts.