Data-Driven Decisions Help Roller Die Improve

Ready To WorkRoller Die + Forming facilities always work to improve their facility, quality, and production times, ensuring that we meet customer needs, our team has a safe, clean space, and we keep our machines running smoothly. Data driven problem solving is especially important to our team as it helps them identify areas where changes will make an impact and measure the resulting efforts. Our teams are focused on eliminating the biggest problems in quality and delivery. Our managers hold each department accountable for identifying problems, collecting data, and implementing solutions.

Over time, our efforts have led to improved quality, decreased machine downtime, decreased downtime due to short material, increased throughput, and improved manpower utilization. These improvements are advantageous to both our team and our customers. We track many different metrics, but one that we always celebrate is on-time delivery and whether the customer reports any issues with the quality of our orders. If we can keep parts flowing out the door and the quality high, then our customers are able to complete their processes without problems.

Like all manufacturing companies, improvement is a constant process. We’re always upgrading equipment, training our team, and investing in new technologies to improve our process. Customers who work with Roller Die as a supplier get to take advantage of our 60-plus years of industry experience, our facilities across the U.S. and Mexico, our in-house engineering team, and our library of standard tooling. If you’d like to learn more about what Roller Die can offer, reach out to a member of our sales team today.