Solar Carports and Covers

Solar Carports and Covers

Solar carports are one of those obviously really good ideas and they are starting to pop up across the country, shading cars and keeping them cool during the day while providing energy to power buildings and even those same cars. In areas of the country where solar is a strong source of alternative power, solar carports are a great way to solve two problems.

The solar carport market is rapidly growing as people see this as an excellent way to increase their solar capacity in addition to roofing and solar fields. Solar carports are now available both for small residential consumers and larger parking-lot-sized applications.

Roller Die + Forming has deep experience in the solar racking market as one of the first companies helping the solar industry use cost-effective roll forming techniques to manufacture the racks and supports for a wide variety of solar racking systems. Roll formed solar racking can be designed where a particular cross section can be designed and manufactured in multiple lengths with a variety of punch patterns, keeping tooling costs low.

We have also worked with solar companies, particularly those doing large, industrial size installations such as solar fields or large parking lots in creating “kits” of parts. This allows the racks to arrive on site in groupings with everything needed to do the installation, saving time and transportation costs. Taking smart steps can not only keep costs down, it can make installation go more smoothly.

If you have a solar racking or solar carport project, reach out to the team at Roller Die + Forming. Our experienced sales staff would be happy to help you understand the advantage of custom metal roll formed parts, how we can leverage our experience and standard tooling to help control costs, and how quickly we can go from prototyping to product. Reach out today to discuss your project.