Supporting the Roller Die Family

Supporting the Roller Die Family

What do you do when you find out your sister is fighting cancer? Well, there are lots of things, but for Keith Zimmerman, at Roller Die + Forming in Louisville, it included getting his coworkers to shave their heads in support and take a picture to lift her spirits.

“Tracy’s really been a champ about this,” Keith reported. As our Facilities Manager, Keith and I have worked on several projects together in the past including a customer survey that helps us meet our ISO requirements and make sure our customers are satisfied with the service they receive. “She was just married back in December, she’s a school teacher, she’s a great person,” he clearly loves his sister and, was looking for ways to support her through this journey and make her smile.

Keith’s coworkers wanted to support her as well and many of them were willing to shave their heads and join in to take a picture of support. They wanted a way to show Tracy that she’s not alone, that there are people supporting her. In addition to those who shaved their heads, many of the guys and others on the Roller Die team added Tracy to their prayer list.

When I spoke with Keith after Tracy’s most recent round of chemotherapy, he told me she’d taken the last round better than previous ones. “This is bringing our family together,” he reported, “My mother has really come alive and is stepping up to take care of Tracy.” She is surrounded by people who love her and has a broad community of people supporting and cheering for her success as she fights cancer.

The complications of fighting cancer go way beyond hair loss and we know Tracy and her family are dealing with a lot as they navigate the medical and support systems that will help Tracy on her journey. We just hope that the picture brought a smile to her face and the knowledge that her brother clearly loves her and has a team that is thinking of her.

From everyone at Roller Die to Tracy: you’ve got this!