Roll Forming Supports Green Jobs

5 Reasons You Should Make Solar Panel Frames With Roll Forming

We often talk about how roll forming is a lean, green, low waste, and sustainable process for creating custom metal parts. At Roller Die + Forming, many of the parts we make go on to support the infrastructure and projects that are at the heart of green jobs.

Green jobs is a movement focusing on jobs in areas that are environmentally sustainable and/or have a positive social impact. While an environmental lawyer might be one example of a green job, another is the solar roofing experts and installers who are making a real and quantifiable dent in increasing access to clean energy. From solar carports to solar roofing to large community-sized solar fields, roll formed parts are used to support and display solar panels. The Roller Die team has extensive experience working with solar and can not only help companies make the custom shapes and punch patterns they need, but can assemble the various parts into kits, making on-site installation smoother.

Similarly, logistics companies as they scale are looking for ways to improve and go green and roll formed parts help make those visions a reality. From allowing AS/RS robots to access densely stored packages, cutting manual labor to providing the parts for the truck trailer market to keep goods flowing, roll formed parts made of many types of steel and aluminum are key parts of the solution.

Roll forming is an excellent solution for a green-focused company and their supply chain due to the low waste nature of the process the the recyclable nature of the final product. Even the small waste generated in roll forming, the small metal circles that are punched from the part to create holes and slots can easily be recycled.

If you’re interested in learning more about Roller Die and how roll forming can help create your part, reach out to a member of our sales team today. Our sales and engineering staff works hard to help you create the most functional and economical part possible.