The Benefits of Solid Roll Form Tooling

When customers visit Roller Die to watch first production runs for part approval, there has been a common denominator over the years. They are truly amazed how robust and stout Roller Die designs and builds “in-house” our pre-punch dies. As demonstrated evidence, you can see in the pictures, the die pins, guide bushings, shoulder bolts, springs, and die shoe plates are sturdy and heavy duty.





With the dies this well built, they withstand an incredible number of hits and do not have to be pulled from production for maintenance as often. Further, they produce a consistent, clean hole pattern. Typically, holes and slots are critical on a component profile and Roller Die + Forming’s pre-punch dies guarantee reliable quality over the life of a product or project.

Roller Die has a tool room of experienced artisans who have honed their craft an average of 30 years. Their skill and proficiency in die making has been a key to Roller Die’s success as well as growth. To learn more about our in-house tooling or our Standard Tooling Library, reach out to our sales team. They will review your project and work with engineering to design a set of tools that maximizes flexibility of use while still producing a high-quality part.