The Culture of Constant Improvement

Roller Die + Forming Focuses on Quality and Meeting Industry Standards

Like many manufacturing companies, Roller Die has a variety of initiatives designed to make our processes smoother and our team safer, even as we bring in new customers, capabilities, and equipment. Implementing a culture of constant improvement comes from the top and impacts all departments. From small improvements to major investments, we believe in constant improvement and striving to be a little better every day.

For the manufacturing side, this means investing in new equipment and investigating options to improve speed or quality. Recently, our management team authorized purchase of a new roll line and one of the plants launched an investigation into the type of lube and oil we use on the roll like to ensure we’re using the best available options.

Our shipping department is always looking at packaging options. From environmentally friendly considerations to reusable returnable packaging, we want to make sure parts arrive at our customers without problems and keep the costs of packaging low. We also want to do what we can to prevent problems that occur in transit and during storage and advise our customers on how to best handle the parts they order.

If you have a part that you think might be a good fit for roll forming, reach out to our sales team. They can help you work with our engineers and talk to you about many other in-line and value added processes we offer such as pre-punching, stamping, and welding.