Tracking the Prices of Raw Material

More and more, the price of raw materials is driving the discussion over roll formed product pricing. For the purchasing team at Roller Die + Forming, the key is knowing well in advance how much material will be required and when it is needed. That gives us time to pay attention to the market and make bulk material purchases as conditions are favorable.

For new customers, working for the first time with our sales and engineering teams, the price of raw materials may be the driving factor on shorter quote windows. While our team is all about speed in turning around quotes, including material quotes, market volatility means that those quotes are only valid for a limited time.

In 2021, projected infrastructure investments, recovery from Covid-19, and a booming construction market has steel prices in the U.S. at an all-time high. Projections have long forecasted that these prices were peaking in April, but will come back down as mills restart and production evens out. Roller Die continues to be hopeful that prices will begin to lower and will be working to always identify the best rates and sources for our customers. Further, we are not on the downside of this peak yet and there are several factors, including pent up demand and weather issues, that could keep steel prices high.

If you are interested in exploring roll forming for your product, please go ahead and reach out to our sales team. Often, the advantages that come with roll forming, from being able to pre-punch hole patterns to kitting parts together for quicker assembly can quickly outweigh any disadvantages. Our team can help source raw material and will always be looking for more reasonable raw material prices as the market adjusts.