Just-in-time Inventory Management

Just-in-time Inventory Management

Having enough parts on hand to deliver each week is important, but most manufacturing companies do not want to be responsible for significant inventory. Managing and storing that inventory, transporting it from a warehouse to the plant floor, and paying attention to supply are all costs that can quickly add up. Instead, many manufacturing companies opt to use a just-in-time model where the parts they need for the week arrive each week in a predictable fashion.

Roller Die + Forming works with several companies delivering parts on a just-in-time basis. We work with them to discuss demand and ensure we have enough supply on hand to handle unexpected spikes in parts needed for the week. Our experience with lean manufacturing means that we are producing just the amount needed, plus a small stockpile, rather than your entire order at once.

Just-in-time prevents over-production – your business is not stuck warehousing parts that eventually go unused – and streamlines the entire process from transport and inventory management. There are simply less parts at any given time to manage. Finally, because companies are using parts shortly after they are produced, quality and production issues are quickly spotted and corrected, reducing product defects and rejected parts.

If you’re interested in just-in-time manufacturing, or are already operating using lean manufacturing principles, then you know that the quality of your suppliers is an important key to success. Roller Die + Forming has been in business for over 65 years and our experience is deep. Further, we are financially strong and have a track record of successfully supporting companies doing just in time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages roll forming offers, or Roller Die + Forming’s particular strengths, please reach out to a member of our sales team. They can discuss your needs and share many of the other ways we help our customers.