What’s it Like Working With Roller Die? A Story

What’s it Like Working With Roller Die? A Story

Each week, the Roller Die + Forming sales team gathers to discuss their current progress, projects they’re working on, and successes they’ve had. This story illustrates how well our different departments work together to meet customer goals and how central speed and customer services is to our project. In this case, we had been pursuing a company for some time without success because they had pre-existing relationships with other roll formers. However, our sales team continued to follow up, letting them know we were available should they ever have a need.

Out of the blue, we got a call from the customer saying his roll form supplier was having a problem and his company had a hard deadline for installation. The good news was that we got the “break” needed, with the bad news that the customer needed the parts delivered between three and four weeks and we did not have a pre-punch die. The customer made it quite clear, whoever could supply the parts the quickest would get the order.

One of Roller Die’s strengths is our library of standard tooling, some 1200 profiles strong. Fortunately, we had the rollers, strengthening block, and cut off die matching perfectly to the drawing. The challenge was designing, building, and debugging a custom pre-punch die for hole punching. Quickly, a cross-functional meeting consisting of the tool room CNC operators, design, engineering, and sales took place to review the task at hand. With a current 12 week lead time, could we somehow design and build the pre-punch die in three weeks or less?

The Roller Die tool room operators were beyond accommodating in accepting the risk as we absolutely could not be late. The energy and enthusiasm were exciting as, almost daily, the operators would update sales on the progress of the tool build.

Bottom Line: A robust, custom pre-punch die was built on time, parts rolled, and shipped supporting a new customer in a time of dire need. The outstanding performance of the tool room, engineering, and operations supporting sales meant we were able to support a new customer, providing them with the parts they needed quickly. If you’d like to work with Roller Die or learn more about our Standard Tooling Library, reach out to a member of our sales team today.