Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Manufacturing & Tooling CapabilitiesWhy choose Roller Die + Forming? Simple, it has significant experience focusing on our core competency of custom metal roll forming, something we have been doing since 1927. This means we have more than 90 years of experience working with customers, building roll forming tooling, and perfecting a lean, effective process. We’ve also been building up our Standard Tooling Library with hundreds of basic shapes to help our customers cut down on the cost of new tooling.

In addition to roll forming, we have developed our one-piece flow manufacturing process to include many additional in-line steps that allow us to make complex parts in a quick and cost-efficient manner. From our U.S. and Mexico based plants, we are able not only to roll shapes but also to include:

Roller Die has manufacturing plants in Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Queretaro, Mexico. With over 300 employees and 100 roll machines, we are well positioned to meet your roll forming needs. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and we take great pride in being able to help our customers see how switching to roll forming can reduce piece and labor costs.

Essential Business Supply ChainOur engineering team has worked on parts from many different industries including major appliance, office systems, heavy truck and trailer, rail, material handling, medical equipment, fencing and automotive. In addition to designing and building our tooling in-house, giving us a cost advantage in the up-front tooling investment, we’re also able to service our tooling in-house, meaning that we stay on top of maintenance and are able to keep our lines running and your parts flowing out the door just in time.

If you’d like to learn more about roll forming and the various additional services Roller Die + Forming offers, reach out and contact one of our experienced sales team members today.