New Roll Lines and Stamping Presses in Green Cove Springs Facility

Roller Die + forming purchased three new roll line and two stamping presses for their growing operation in Green Cove Springs, Florida. In 2015 Roller Die added approximately 20,000 square feet to the facility to support several new customer as well as continued growth with existing customers. The size of the equipment purchased will give the facility the capability to roll form and stamp thicker materials to support growing demand […]

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Roller Die Expands Frankfort Capacity

To support the increase in demand for current and new customers Roller Die + Forming has expanded its roll forming capabilities to six roll lines, added stamping capabilities and began a second shift at its Frankfort, KY facility. The markets to be served from this facility, at present, are Solar, Commercial Construction, and Material Handling.

“Roller Die + Forming looks forward to increasing its work force at the Frankfort facility as […]

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Roller Die & Forming Expands

Roller Die & Forming has added 20,000 square feet to its Green Cove Springs, Florida facility. The growth in organic business, coupled with new markets the company has penetrated required the facility expansion. Additional equipment is being considered to expand capacity and to diversify into other technologies the plant does not presently have.

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What Separates Roller Die from the Competition?

The actual roll forming process is the same for all roll formers in the industry, so how does one distinguish themself from the competition?
At Roller Die and Forming we have 2 major benefits no other roll former has to offer:

A library of standard tooling some 3,000 profiles strong
A full in house tool room with 7 full time engineers

We can design and build pre-punch die as complex as our customer imagination.

The […]

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How to Design for Roll Forming

If you’re considering roll forming versus press braking or stamping for your production needs, then you’ve come to the right place. At Roller Die, we truly believe that roll forming can be more beneficial than other production methods. Roll forming is less labor intensive, less costly, and can be done more quickly. The roll forming process also ensures better consistency and quality in each individual piece. Of course, these are […]

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Roll Forming Solar Racking Solutions

As the solar power industry continues to grow and thrive, so does the necessity of making the installation of solar modules more efficient and process more cost effective. That is where Roller Die + Forming comes in to play. When customers approach us with a requirement or design request, our technical services team brainstorms with the customer to conceive a racking solution that meets their cost, as well as their […]

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Tips for Managing Inventory and Reducing Costs When Metal Stamping Sales are High

While increasing sales numbers is a priority for all manufacturers, actually achieving the high sales numbers you’re after can create some unintended problems when it comes to metal stamping cost and inventory management. The greater your sales numbers are, the more of a challenge it will be to manage your supply chain. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t run out of metal stamping supplies right when you need […]

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Metal Stamping or Roll Forming: Which is Right for Me?

If your organization is in the market for custom metal components, with all of the different options available to you, you might feel overwhelmed. At Roller Die + Forming, we believe in offering our customers a wide variety of options to meet their manufacturing needs, which is why we are proud to offer both metal stamping and metal roll forming services. However, we also understand there are certain situations where […]

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Promoting Sustainable Metal Forming in Your Organization

In commercial metal forming, sustainability isn’t just another buzz word. Of course, it’s great for organizations that work in the metal forming industry to promote greener practices, but there are also very practical advantages to sustainability that you can start enjoying soon, including greater flexibility and cost savings. In this post, we’ll discuss how your organization can best promote sustainable metal forming processes.

Balancing Competing Priorities

Organizations face a paradox when it […]

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3 Metrics to Consider When Selecting the Right Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling is one of the oldest and most commonly-used processes for manufacturing metal parts and products in different shapes. With minimal tooling and setup, the machine can create products of different shapes using ‘V’, ‘U’, and other dies and punches.

However, choosing the right press brake tooling is important not just to enhance productivity, but to minimize setup times without risk of accidents or deformation of equipment. Keep the […]

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