3 Metrics to Consider When Selecting the Right Press Brake Tooling

Press brake tooling is one of the oldest and most commonly-used processes for manufacturing metal parts and products in different shapes. With minimal tooling and setup, the machine can create products of different shapes using ‘V’, ‘U’, and other dies and punches.

However, choosing the right press brake tooling is important not just to enhance productivity, but to minimize setup times without risk of accidents or deformation of equipment. Keep the […]

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Dynamic Business Environment Leading to New Challenges for Roll Form Companies

With many processes available for creating a high-quality metal part, manufacturers face a challenge—choosing the right process.

Simply put, manufacturers will have to determine whether they should opt for roll forming over stamping or vice versa for manufacturing finished products. With both options offering significant advantages, the wrong decision can prove to be a very expensive mistake for the manufacturer.

Basic Principles of Roll Forming

Custom roll forming involves the incremental alteration of […]

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Roller Die + Forming Acquisition of Pyramid Mouldings

I wanted to let everyone know that as of March 14th we acquired Pyramid Mouldings of Green Cove Springs Flordia. This will give us, an additional 3 plants in the United States, and a Location in Mexico.

We are very execited about this acquisition, for it brings together two great companies in the Roll Forming space.

If you have any questions please feel free to call H. […]

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Stainless mills increase prices ahead of surcharge

Last week, American Metal Market published an important article regarding stainless prices in the month of February. We’d like to inform our trusted customers and blog readers of specific raw material price increases: […]

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Important News on Steel Prices, Supplies

Here at Roller Die, our awareness of steel market activity is crucial. Many of our blog entries are dedicated to the topic. Our knowledge dictates our timing — the goal is to purchase when prices are lowest, to pass savings on to our customers. Plan your projects soon; steel prices are changing. Please see the letter below from our vendor, Kenwal Steel, regarding an anticipated price increase:

“…All of the other […]

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Steel Pricing and Lead Times


Most of the integrated mills are full for March on Cold Rolled. We were busy rushing our March orders to the likes of AK and Severstal yesterday. Mittal is currently on lead times but everything I hear tells me that they are full for March. USST is still a questions mark. Have heard that their larger mills(like US Gary) are already closed for march but a couple of their […]

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Steel Prices Moving Up

Last week, I read a report from Goldman Sachs that said that we have seen the bottom in the steel prices for carbon based products for the year. This was report was shortly followed by e-mails from the mills to notify us that they will begin raising prices starting January 1 2010.

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Price Increases

This past friday, Nucor sent an e-mail to us saying that we they are going to raise their prices. I know a lot of people who keep saying that the prices won’t hold, and they are waiting for a decrease. I would not wait to lock in prices, for we are already seeing improvement in the economic. The first positive sign is that the auto industry said […]

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Steel Availability

I am getting concerned with the availability of steel even for the most basic products. We have seen our lead time increase this past week. In addition to this pricing has gone up over 20 percent as well. If you want to protect yourself I would suggest that you contact us about setting yourself up on a contract. The contract will insure that the product you […]

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Steel Prices Part II

Steel prices, and the rest of the commodities will rise next year for the following reasons. The United States has started printing money to help battle the economic crisis, and this is not a political statement just an economic fact. When this has been done in the past it has caused a rise in the inflation rates. The second effect of this economic crisis is that […]

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